Yahoo Mail Support Number Australia

Though the services from Yahoo mail are awesome but sometimes it creates problems to its users in sending and receiving mails due to different reasons. If you are also in trouble with Yahoo mail in sending or receiving mails you can follow certain measures to overcome this problem or contact Yahoo Customer Services Number Australia +61-028091-6999 where experts are available to fix your Yahoo mail issues completely.

Steps to Fix issues in Receiving Emails

  1. Check for Errors in Account

Login to yahoo account and send an email to yourself. If you get an error, try to fix that.  And if you don’t get an error, then it is working fine. To fix the error, simply dial +61-028091-6999, Yahoo Support Number.

  1. Check Account Settings
  • Check Spam folder: check if the email was incorrectly marked
  • Blocked email address list: sender may be blocked by mistake
  • Email filters: check if email could arrived in another folder
  • Reply to address: It must be blank
  1. Ask Sender to check their accounts

Ask sender to ensure that he is entering correct email address or suggest contacting Yahoo service provider.

Steps to Fix issues in Sending Emails

  1. Make Sure the email was sent
  • Check Sent Folder: if email is still in sent folder, your email was not sent successfully
  • Check for Typos: make sure for correct email address in “To” field
  • Check Drafts Folder: if your send email is not in “Sent” folder, it might be in “Drafts” folder.


  1. Ask recipient to check their Email account
  • Check Spam folder: your mails might be getting into spam folder
  • Blocked address list: make sure that recipient has not added unknowingly your email address to his blocked contact list
  • Filters: filters can redirect your email in case of any matching keyword criteria

Above steps are simple to follow in case you are facing technical issues in sending or receiving mails in Yahoo Mail Account. Still need assistance in doing so, kindly contact our support team at Yahoo Customer Service Australia.

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