Xero Payroll Help Number

Wondering why your XERO account has been suspended? When you try to access your XERO account, it simply states that your account has been suspended and you should contact the service provider. There may be numerous reasons for this problem which can discuss as below:

  • Sometimes due to a problem with your subscription this problem arises:

ü  When your payment details have changed: if your subscriber has updated the debit and credit card details in XERO, it will be processed as a new payment for any overdue charges.


ü  Your payment was unsuccessful: if your credit card provider declined payment, you should check that the card details in XERO are correct. If your credit card has expired or you have a new card, update the card details for processing a new payment. If there is another reason due to which card wasn’t charged, immediately contact  XERO Help Phone Number Australia  +61-028091-6999. 


ü  Your payment is Overdue: if your subscription payment is overdue, your XERO account may be suspended and you won’t be able to access you XERO organization. You can make immediate payment.

If you want to extend your payment date or invoice due date, get in touch to XERO Support Team to ask them for extension of payment due date if you are unable to make payment on that date. Also if you are having problems entering new debit or credit card details in XERO, contact XERO Technical Support Australia +61-028091-6999  to get the immediate resolution of the problem. XERO experts will find instant solutions to every subscription-related problem for you. They will support you via phone, live chat and e-mail support with 24 hours available throughout the year.

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