Cloud productivity is developing and learning how Microsoft office 365 and Microsoft Azure solutions are helping the organization to develop their business. Through the azure active directory, Microsoft graph, azure logic apps, and functions. Office 365 is used the Azure directory to manage user identities, office 365 subscription offers the free subscription to an azure active directory. If users are combined office 365 with an azure active directory, you can sync your password or access your log-in or sign-in with your permission. You can also buy advance features of managing your account better.

Office 365 and Azure are getting together; because of this new collaboration user have many problems in using this collaboration. If getting any issues at Microsoft Customer Support Number Australia, you also get support for several other technical azure tools. You can reach us 24*7.


  • Manage your apps instead of infrastructure
  • Optimize for business logic
  • Develop your way
  • Web application backbends
  • Mobile application backbends
  • Real-time file processing
  • Real-time stream processing
  • Automation of scheduled tasks
  • Extending Saas Applications

NOTE: – We provide different ranges of cloud services including analytics, storage, programming languages, and networking. Microsoft technical support number Australia gives you all type of support with guidance to effectively tackle tools.

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