GPU stands for graphics processing unit, which found on a video card and display system. It is computing faster performance in designing, animation, and video application. GPU Performance was firstly introduced in 2014 as adobe illustrator CC. Due to compatibility issues in GPU card, it faces rendering errors while panning artwork, zooming artwork, drawing with brushes and widgets issues. These errors occur when you are working on RGB color mode. If you continually facing these type of issues connect with us at Adobe Helpline Number Australia +61-028091-6999.
Some common issues which users mainly facing:-
• Receiving an error message that the document is not available.
• Documents are appearing in black and white.
• The artwork appears in broken.
These are some solution:-
• Update adobe illustrator GPU card software drivers:-
• Clean preferences file:-
Firstly close illustrator
Go to navigation
Rename the preference folder
Restart illustrator and check GPU Performance feature is working or not.
• Make sure Onboard GPU card is a default for all display activities:-
• When GPU performance features are stopping working in documents:-
Click view
Select GPU preview
Save the documents
Close the documents
Open the documents
In the above discussion we provide a solution for adobe illustrator GPU when it stops working. If you want complete guidance and support with our expert you can call at Adobe Technical Support Number Australia +61-028091-6999 and also GET 24*7 support for a lifetime.

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