This new version of Microsoft word 2019 gives a new way to work in files and documents. In this word documents, the user can easily know the presence of other team member and changes they are making. there are some new ways to do work is to improve digital pen features, learning tools, translation, book-like page navigation and many more. In this new version, users do not understand the tools, so they have trouble to do work. If any users have issues in Microsoft word 2019 they can directly reach us at Microsoft Support Number Australia +61-028091-6999 and get 24*7 supports.

Features of Microsoft Word 2019

  • Tools for easier reading, more natural writing in language:- In this version, communication and absorb information is improved than past. The user can use pen enable device, take advantage of enhancement to draw and writing.

ü  Break the language barrier

ü  Improve reading experience

ü  Draw and write with a digital pen

ü  Use LaTeX syntax in equation

  • Add visual impact:- Easily choose 3D and icons to the library.

ü  Add SVG and icon

ü  Get all angles with 3D images

  • Accessibility Improvements: – Accessibility is better than past, it is updated support for the international standard.

ü  Fix issues of accessibility

ü  Cue audio

  • Documents are easier to find and navigate: – This version is providing more books like a way for reading documents.

ü  View page at a time, side by side

in above we discuss Microsoft word 2019 if the user having trouble in this version they get the support with our technicians at Microsoft Customer Services Number Australia +61-028091-6999 and get 24*7 support with the expert team.

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