What do you mean by Adobe XD?

Adobe XD is software which is design with speed, quality to share interactive prototypes. In that, you can review through other devices and platforms like Mac, IOS, Windows, and Android.

What are the new features of Adobe XD?

In this September Adobe XD updates its features, new tools in which you can easily design for multiple devices at different screen size. in that, you can also add an element to extra realism to prototypes.

  • Responsive Resize

In that type designing for multiple devices is essential, Adobe XD has added the new feature in which you can resize the group of an object with keeping their placement and scalability.

  • Timed transitions

It is the new features of Adobe XD; you can transition between artboards based on specific delay. It can help in using prototyping onboarding or flows. You can also create looping animation by using delays for auto-fade effects, loaders, spinners, progress bars and many more.

  • Spell check

Spell check is the best feature for digital copywriting; it is officially part of Adobe XD. In that, you can real-time spell check directly on the design canvas.

  • Full-screen viewing of Web prototype

Adobe XD made lots of improvement in full-screen view, in that you can show the accurate representation of work and provide realistic experience when view web sized artboard.

Adobe XD features really surprise people, they update feature more than thinking. If you want any technical support from Adobe technical helpline number Australia is +61-028091-6999.

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