Xero Help Support Number Australia

When you transfer money between business bank accounts in XERO accounting software and reconcile those transactions is known as XERO Reconciliation Transfer between accounts. XERO Accounting software is the best in saving your time when reconciling bank transactions.

How Reconciling Bank transfers in XERO accounting Software is done?

The process starts as you have to click on the “Reconcile” button on one of the bank accounts between which transfer occurred. Then, search for the transaction and click on the “Transfer” tab. After that, select another bank account that the transfer occurred between and add a reference if required and reconcile it.

The best part of XERO software is that it automatically creates the other half of the transfer for you, so you don’t need to re-do the process in the other bank account.

To make reconciliation process easy and seamless, you can also set up rules for matching your bank transactions automatically to invoices, bill payments and purchases that are already recorded in XERO. Connect to XERO accounting and reconcile easily with coding suggestions. Contact XERO Support Number Australia +61-028091-6999 for any help in this process from experienced professionals when facing any technical difficulty in the reconciliation process.

XERO Technical Support Number Australia is 24×7 hours available service to guide its customers on any difficulties and problems faced during reconciliation of bank transfer in accounts in XERO.

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