XERO customers can submit their VAT returns using XERO Accounting Software. XERO calculates the figures for VAT Return from the transactions and journals entered into XERO. Learn How to do VAT Return with the help of experts and contacting them through XERO Support Number Australia +61-028091-6999 or go through the following details to do VAT Returns in XERO software.

  1. Includes Late Claims in a VAT Return

Late claims are those transactions which are entered after the VAT Return was filed. Late Claims arises due to edition, deletion of transactions that were included in a previous VAT period. So, it is always recommended to select the include VAT Late Claims option.

  1. Prepare the VAT Return

Before running your VAT return, check the following details carefully:

  • All the transactions have been entered for the return period
  • All bank accounts are reconciled to the end f the return period
  • In general ledger report, check any transactions showing on the exceptions tab
  • Confirm your VAT details are correct in financial settings


  1. VAT Audit and Transaction Report

You must know that the VAT Audit Report is part of the VAT Return. It has the details from transaction lines entered for the VAT Return period.

  1. Export or Print the VAT Return

Excel, PDF or Google Sheet format can be used to export the VAT returns. You can also print the VAT Return directly from XERO but it will exclude the Audit report.

  1. VAT Return box amounts

Here you can see the VAT due in a particular period or total VAT due.

If you see an error message while filling your VAT Return, call for troubleshooting the problem at XERO Customer Services Number Australia +61-028091-6999. Contact through phone, live chat or email support at 24 and 7 hours throughout the year.

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