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While using the email application the users need to get an advanced solution for their secured solution. But sometimes they need a fast solution and manage their application to specify their work. It creates some issues that have some possible solutions with the help of email experts. The main issues create when the user connects with their server. When adding an email it may be classified as specifying an Outgoing Mail Server or SMTP that may create some server issue. This mail server may solve the email issues and necessarily need to be the same as the mail server to receive the email with an identified solution in-hand. As same as the server needs configuration for email and need to manage their settings for using their business. The users need to get the solution instantly if they need more help and solution they are free to connect BigPond Email Customer Service Number AustraliaMost users want to get a solution which is mainly created with the help of email experts.

Steps to Configure BigPond Server Setting

However, when the users need to get a service provider that will not allow sending email through a different or another service provider. If they receive an error while using the server connection on their hosting with mainly some casual steps:

¨       Open BigPond email account

¨       Click to open the server setting

¨       Enable the server setting and SMTP authentication

¨       Use the Internet Service Provider’s mail server

¨       Click to choose the server connect with the email account

¨       And then press OK

The entire steps and information may help to configure the issues and mainly used for customizing the application and manage the same. While using BigPond email services the user may follow the steps when they configure server issue. For more help and solutions the user may find the solution with the help of BigPond Contact Support Number Australia +61-028091-6999. 

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